Lisa Rodrigues CBE, [ Former ] Chief Executive, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust says:

"One of the best programmes we have done."

Helen Jones, MindOut Service Manager says:

"The training provided by Grassroots is of a very high standard: well prepared and well delivered by experienced, capable trainers."

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion says:

"Here in Brighton we have one of the highest suicide rates in the country, and the work of Grassroots Training here is invaluable. Grassroots equips people with the skills to adopt a sensitive and sophisticated approach towards suicide prevention initiatives. It increases the chances that a person battling with suicidal thoughts will receive the help they so desperately need. It makes a real difference to people's lives."

Michael Beard, Editor of The Argus says:

"I found the course extremely valuable. There were many aspects we will be able to use in the future.
There were a number of pointers we can use in future coverage which will enable us to improve not only our accuracy but also the way we present stories which will ensure they cause the minimum distress to those involved.
All reporters will be issued with guidelines for future coverage and be encouraged to include helplines/useful contact details etc in their stories and features.
I would thoroughly recommend this training to other papers."

Rachel Brett, Director of Housing & Support Services, Sussex Central YMCA says:

"Sussex Central YMCA has utilised Grassroots training over a number of years; in particular ASIST. As an organisation our staff have felt that Grassroots have provided a safe environment where they can explore their thoughts and anxieties around supporting clients expressing suicidal thoughts and feel confident in putting into practice interventions such as safe plans. The ASIST training is perhaps one of the most useful and practical courses we use and once staff have undertaken the training it is quickly embedded into practice."

Lisa Rodrigues CBE, [ Former ] Chief Executive, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust says:

"Of all the groups involved in mental health awareness that I have ever met, Grassroots is the most positive, hopeful and courageous."

Dr. Chang Yok of Brighton & Hove City PCT says:

"I think that sitting with 'death side' is very difficult for doctors and I want to move quickly to life and living.
The other very useful take home message for me was that being a suicide first aider is just that , first aid at that moment... like CPR, you may be successful at that moment but you are not responsible for long term outcome and you may not be successful at that moment but it is having the skill to try your best and a framework to help manage these difficult consultations.
Miranda was the trainer for my group and she made it fun and enjoyable."

Latest News!

14 November 2017

First suicideTALK delivered in Brighton & Hove

Grassroots are incredibly proud of our 20 new ambassadors who took an hour out of their day to take suicideTALK on 25 October 2017.

The 20 members of the public are now equipped with the skills and confidence to ask about suicide. Talking about suicide openly and honestly lets other people know it's ok to ask for help, and that they can talk to you. It's also crucial in helping to de-stigmatise using the word "suicide" in conversations. If more people are asking for help with their thoughts of suicide then it could mean more suicides are prevented.

The first suicideTALK delivered in Brighton & Hove was been funded by donations on World Suicide Prevention Day 2017, so we would like to thank the public in Brighton for helping to make this course happen. 

21 August 2017

Exciting announcement!

On Friday 8 September Grassroots Suicide Prevention will be relaunching their suicide prevention App #StayAlive.

Stay Alive is the ideal tool to help people who are suffering with thoughts of suicide to be reminded of their own reasons for living and access support in times of crisis. It’s also a great resource for carers supporting people with thoughts of suicide.

We currently have 30,000 downloads and are looking to significantly add to this during World Suicide Prevention Day, on 10 September 2017.Your support could help save a life. 

How? By downloading this free, award-winning app you will help highlight the importance of suicide prevention.

Download the Stay Alive app now, available free on the App Store or Google Play.

Take a minute, change a life.

More news...

Stay Alive

A mobile app for those at risk of suicide and people worried about someone.

Android App on Google play
Available on the App Store
Patient Safety Awards Winner, 2015

Responding to the launch of the Stay Alive app Emma Wadey, Director of Nursing Standards and Safety at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said:

"Suicide is everyone's business; it devastates so many lives no matter who you are, where you work or where you live. We want to use every method available to us to make Sussex, and beyond, a place where people thinking about suicide are supported and helped in their workplace and their community."
National Suicide Prevention Alliance Member

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