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Alex and Drew chat about the Stay Alive app

The Stay Alive App is central to the work we do here at Grassroots Suicide Prevention.

But not everyone knows about the app – so we thought a chat with Alex and Drew from the Grassroots team would help to find out more.

1) For those of us who don’t know, what is the Stay Alive App?

The Stay Alive app is a suicide prevention resource which gives the user a range of useful information and tools to help them or someone else stay safe in crisis.

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The app includes interactive features such as a safety plan, customisable reasons for living, and a LifeBox where you can store photos and memories that are important to you. There’s also a guided-breathing exercise and support your wellness by creating your own interactive Wellness Plan.

You can read strategies for staying safe or explore the tips on how to stay grounded when you’re feeling overwhelmed. In turn, there’s advice on how to start a conversation and support someone who is having thoughts of suicide, and a section on common myths about suicide that can prevent people getting the support they need.

The app links you directly to local and national crisis resources, making it simple to find the support you need – it’s all stored there within the app. If the resource isn’t listed, you can simply add in your own.

2) Who is it designed to be used by?

The app can be used if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide.

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3) How can we get it?

The app is free to download and is available from Google Play or the App Store. It will also soon be available as a web-app, so you can use it without having to download it to a smartphone or tablet.

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4) Later in the year it is due an upgrade – can you tell us more?

We are very excited about the new features coming soon, which will include:

  • A searchable database of crisis resources, including local resources for the whole of the UK.
  • Increased functionality for the Life Box, to include audio, video, weblinks, and text (currently only photo/images can be stored)
  • Ability to share Safety Plan, Wellness Plan, Reasons for Living sections
  • Addition of a Progressive Web App – a website version of the app which syncs with phone/tablet app if users chose to set up an account

5) Was it easy to decide which features needed updating?

We are grateful to everyone who has ever used the app and given feedback as it makes future developments a lot easier to design and implement. Their feedback has directly informed the new features and our decisions for development. We want to make Stay Alive simple to use for everyone especially in times of crisis so thank you all for your comments.

6) What is your favourite feature of the App?

This may vary person to person, but my favourite feature is the instant access to crisis resources. You never know when these may need to be used, either personally or to support someone so I think having so many helplines there ready to go helps make such a difference. A lot of people also tell us that the LifeBox is a favourite feature. It’s certainly one of the most unique parts of the app, allowing users to store life-affirming photos, and this is being extended to include video, music and weblinks on the upgraded app due for release in May.

7) If someone was hesitant about using the App what would be your advice?

I would suggest perhaps downloading the app and talking it through with a friend or someone you trust. This can be helpful especially when completing the safety plan. The app is completely anonymous and is a convenient way to access the different features to help keep you or someone else safe.

Have you any questions regarding the Stay Alive App – if you do feel free to email and we will endeavour to get them answered.

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