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Did you know 1 in 5 people consider suicide?

Discover the 5 things 1 person can do to help keep vulnerable people safe.

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Donate while you shop

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This week we are asking you to raise money via PayPal, Amazon Smile, eBay, Co-op and the easyfundraising website. 

All you have to do is click a link – you don’t pay anything extra! We get a small cut of all the purchases you make from the retailers themselves. 

Your Christmas shopping could save a life. 


Send a Christmas card

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If ‘Christmas cards’ is still on the To Do List, why not send e-cards and support Grassroots Suicide Prevention at the same time? 

Choose from one of the cute designs, make a donation (from as little as £2!) and send out your cards to friends far and wide. 

Save the planet, save your smudged handwriting and save lives!


Festive fundraising

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Many people meet friends, go to work parties or have family gatherings at this time of year. 

Consider asking for donations from coworkers, asking friends to donate the cost of a bottle of wine, or doing a loose change collection with the family. 

Have fun while you raise funds! 


Make a £5 donation

Outlines of five people. One is coloured blue.
Your £5 will help us train people to recognise individuals at risk of suicide and teach people how to have life-saving conversations. Donations keep our resources and our life-saving app free for everyone.
By supporting us, you will help us end the stigma of suicide. Fewer people will suffer in silence. More will reach out when they are in crisis.
It’s a small gift, but it makes a huge impact.


Reach out to someone

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We can all help prevent suicide. Please take five minutes and reach out to someone you know is struggling or having a hard time. Sending a message or popping round can show someone in despair that they do matter. Saying you are there to listen will show they are not alone.

Asks someone if they are okay. Then ask them if they are REALLY okay. You could be the moment of hope that keeps someone safe.

We have a range of free resources on understanding suicide and how to have life-saving conversations.

There is hope.
Together we can save lives.