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Grassroots people #7 – Drew

We are a small team at Grassroots and we wanted to share with you the people and personalities behind the roles and share with you what the best things are about working for Grassroots and a few other choice questions. Next up in our series of team blogs is our wonderful and ever brilliant colleague Drew, who has a surprising take on sandwiches…

Drew smiles while holding two Grassroots beer mats.


Role at Grassroots:
Project Support Officer

What is the best thing about working at an organisation like this?
The best thing is knowing that our hard work is helping to create a world where people are more able and willing to have open conversations about suicide. We are a small but mighty team and our creativity helps ensure our suicide prevention messages reach as many people as possible. The impact we have is quite outstanding.

Which project has given you most enjoyment? Or are you most proud of?
The main part of my role is helping to support the development of the Stay Alive app and this is an area I am extremely proud of.  I’ve been creating a database of local resources across the UK which will help ensure people are able to find the help they need in an accessible manner- this upgrade is launching very soon! The app has had over 150,000 downloads worldwide and we hope this number continues to climb.

I have also thoroughly enjoyed being the Social Media Lead. Creating and posting content that is engaging but also helps to debunk myths around suicide, is a great privilege. It is fantastic being able to connect with people across the world, all sharing their thoughts and ideas around suicide prevention. I am touched people are able to share their stories full of hope and optimism as this is so powerful and helps many others.

What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?
I am looking forward to future developments of the Stay Alive app! Along with our own ideas, we will be using feedback obtained from surveys or reviews to help guide us and make the app the best it can be. Can’t wait to get stuck in!

What will you take and keep from lockdown ?
Working from home has meant I have more time to play nostalgic video games which I will definitely continue to make time for moving forwards. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask being a current favourite.

And what will you gladly leave in lockdown?
All the video calls (often with terrible lag), I much prefer talking face-to-face and connecting on this level.

How do you relax?
I enjoy listening to podcasts, feeding the birds, and playing video games.

A new night-time obsession has been bat-spotting, always very exciting see a bat friend fly overhead!

Favourite sandwich filling?
Coconut jam with cucumber, absolutely delicious.