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Grassroots people #4 – Gus

We are a small team at Grassroots and we wanted to share with you the people and personalities behind the roles and share with you what the best things are about working for Grassroots and a few other choice questions. Next up in our series of team blogs we have the ever-brilliant tech wizard that is Gus.

A pale man with a beard and cropped hair.

Gus Campbell

Role at Grassroots:
I started with Grassroots as a Finance volunteer over 10 years ago; then I was Finance Officer, then Website Officer. Now I’m the Digital Products Officer, which means my job is to work on our website and Stay Alive app alongside other colleagues and agencies.

What is the best thing about working at an organisation like this?
I think the team’s unity of purpose is lovely and makes us a really strong team! I also appreciate the opportunities, encouragement, and appreciation when using my particular talents. 

Which project has given you most enjoyment? Or are you most proud of?
My most enjoyed project was the website redesign – I learnt loads and gained a lot of confidence. But I’m most proud of my work as Finance Officer – I didn’t start out as a Finance professional, yet I kept the book-keeping on track and provided feedback that got us through several difficult years.

What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?
At Grassroots, I’m looking forward to contributing more to the app in the coming year, adding website content in the form of new blog posts, and updating and augmenting various pages of the website.

Personally, I’m hoping to do some more freelancing for non-profits, and I am probably equally excited and nervous to see what the future will bring.

What will you take and keep from lockdown?
I’ve worked from home for several years, but since the whole team has been working remotely, I have felt more a regular part of the team. Lockdown has been an opportunity to get to know the Grassroots individuals a lot better!

And what will you gladly leave in lockdown?
Not seeing my mates. 

How do you relax?
Reading about design and website-related subjects; sometimes a movie; music and Facebook.

Favourite sandwich filling?
I used to really enjoy a basic ham salad on a crusty roll, but – like many others – I’ve been avoiding meat recently. So, I guess now my favourite would be cream cheese and lettuce in a bagel – a lovely cool summer treat!