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Grassroots people #6 – Jack

We are a small team at Grassroots and we wanted to share with you the people and personalities behind the roles and share with you what the best things are about working for Grassroots and a few other choice questions. Here in our series of team blogs we have the always friendly community superstar that is Jack…

Jack, with short hair and glasses, smiles at the camera.

Jack Thunder

Role at Grassroots:
Community Engagement Officer

What is the best thing about working at an organisation like this?
Knowing that we are all working for a cause that we are all dedicated to. Meeting great people with hope and having real conversations and we laugh!!!

Which project has given you most enjoyment? Or are you most proud of?
I am most proud of each of the community projects (street art and Real Talk workshops if I had to name two). I am blown away daily by the fundraisers, volunteers, and good people we meet and contact who give us their time and energy and really make what we do happen.

What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?
I am looking forward to getting back to the office, seeing my kids safely and happily back at school, and carrying out the next step with our art project. Coming to a street near you 😊

What will you take and keep from lockdown?
I will take and keep the laughter with my kids and wife – laughter during hard times becomes that bit more meaningful. I will also keep the changes I am starting to see in my community and hope deeply that it continues and we don’t all slip back into more of, busy dare I say it, more self-focused ways of being.

And what will you gladly leave in lockdown?
That is easy… Zoom calls… Zoom I wish I could leave the room… I usually do by pressing the wrong button. Saying that, I am impressed with the level of ease we have all adapted at Grassroots to working remotely and with technology – but I do miss chatting round a table with the odd biscuit.

How do you relax?
I like listening to records, laughing with my kids. I try to meditate and am becoming much fonder of my garden and my Friday appointment with Gardeners World.

Favourite sandwich filling?
I like any vegetables and crisp lettuce in brown bread made by anyone else. Sandwiches always taste better made by someone else.