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Grassroots people #2 – Sam

We are a small team at Grassroots and we wanted to share with you the people and personalities behind the roles and share with you what the best things are about working for Grassroots and a few other choice questions. Next in our series of staff profiles we hear from the legendary Sam Hubbert:

Grassroots staff member Sam.

Sam Hubbert

Role at Grassroots:
Finance Officer

What is the best thing about working at an organisation like this?
Knowing that the work of the charity is valued and respected.

Which project has given you most enjoyment? Or are you most proud of?
I’m proud that the organisation exists and continues to deliver more.

What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?
I am hoping my own personal health improves – getting out again, riding my dads old bike which I have renovated during lock down.  Cuddling my brother. who is very cuddly!

What will you take and keep from lockdown?
Time with my immediate family – getting to know people on the street better.  A lot of frustration about the power of society to lock down in this circumstance rather than take control of simpler solutions to protect the environment, properly resource key workers and fund/ support things that actually matter.  I’d like to think that’s next.

And what will you gladly leave in lockdown?
I am a happy recluse. It would be nice to walk the streets again without people avoiding me – actually maybe that’s normal?

How do you relax?
Singing when no one else is around

Favourite sandwich filling?
Anything without sweetcorn.