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Meet the team: Agnes

Our brand new Head of Training, Agnes (pronounced “Anne-yes) brings her considerable experience and skill to benefit our training offerings. Here’s a chance to meet her.

What is the best thing about working at an organisation like this.  

Working for Grassroots means my work is aligned to so many of my values, and it’s a great feeling to jump out of bed in the morning excited about the working day ahead. I joined a team of people passionate about what they do, dedicated to innovation and best practice and who have each other’s back. It’s fabulous. 

Which part of the job has given you most enjoyment? Or are you most proud of?  

I feel very privileged to put to very good use twenty years of experience in creating and running interventions and courses for a wide range of organisations and thus play my part in helping Grassroots grow to become best in class. 

I love designing new courses and reviewing what we offer to ensure we adapt to the evolving needs and requirements of our clients and consistently exceed their expectations.

My colleagues are a daily source of joy. I am truly impressed at the quality of the work they do. 

Working for Grassroots means my work is aligned to so many of my values”

What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?

To Grassroots becoming the go-to provider of suicide prevention, self-harm and applied mental health courses and related digital products in the UK and further afield! 

What will you take and keep from lockdown?   

Agnes (a woman with shortish hair and glasses) sits at a table with an orange pencil completing an abstract, sunny painting.
  • A regular early morning meditation practice, which a group of friends and I started during the first lockdown. We are still going strong!
  • Doing “a painting/sculpting/art thingy” a week. I am running out of wall space as my children are not always as appreciative of “arty presents” as I would like!!. Any taker for colourful stuff 😉? 

And what will you gladly leave in lockdown?  

Not being able to freely go to France and see my mum and other members of my family who live there. That truly sucks. 

How do you relax?  

  • Swimming in the sea, all year round. 
  • Playing with my grand-children, I make a great pirate/unicorn/granny wolf/naughty squirrel or other misbehaving animal as required.  
  • Watching films. Painting. Dancing. Baking gluten free cakes. 

Favourite sandwich filling?  

I am coeliac so sandwiches are a no-go. Are favourite buckwheat pancakes fillings allowed as an alternative question? In that case a mix of spinach, olive tapenade and sheep cheese. C’est delicieux.