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Meet the team: Phoebe and Nina

This year, Phoebe and Nina have joined the Grassroots team through the University of Sussex Summer Internship scheme. They’re both passionate about keeping people safe from suicide and getting people talking. Phoebe and Nina willl be with us until September – here’s your chance to meet them!

Who are you and what do you do?

Phoebe: Hi – I’m Phoebe! I have just finished my second year studying Psychology at the University of Sussex. I joined Grassroots in June 2021 on a summer internship as an Assistant Charity Officer. I’m excited to learn more about the training courses Grassroots offer and get involved with research for the StayAlive app.

Nina: And I’m Nina! I have also just finished my second year at Sussex University, studying Criminology – I love it! After I’ve finished my degree, I want to help reform the criminal justice system. This year, I’m running the Brighton Marathon for Grassroots with my partner Max. So, I’m thrilled to work for them this summer as the Community Fundraising Support Officer!

Why did you want to work for Grassroots?

Phoebe: I’m passionate about mental health and supporting others, and I believe conversations about mental health are so important. Grassroots are dedicated to raising awareness and decreasing stigma around suicide and mental health. I admire how they support communities and help people get the support and kindness they deserve when thinking about suicide.

I applied to this internship to join a meaningful organisation doing important work – and to learn more about suicide prevention through their training courses.

Nina: There were lots of internship roles available. This one spoke out to me the most. I have always wanted to help prevent suicide – whether on social media or with my loved ones, I always talk about the importance of open and honest conversations about mental health.

So, working for a charity like Grassroots is a really valuable experience for me. Suicide can affect anyone at any time. During my internship, I want to help Grassroots continue to provide their essential support.

What are you looking forward to most?

Phoebe: I can’t wait to join the training courses to grow my own suicide prevention skills, which could translate into my everyday life and volunteering roles. The StayAlive app is also an amazing resource – I first heard about it when volunteering for Shout, a crisis textline. I often recommend StayAlive to people I support, so I’m really excited to get involved with it directly.

Nina: For me, it’s about developing valuable skills. I want to learn more about how I can talk effectively and openly about suicide – so I’m looking forward to attending the training. I also want to improve my presentation skills, which will be very helpful for my university studies.

I am so excited to continue doing some amazing work and getting to know the team!