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Meet the team: Tayla

Hi – I’m Tayla! I’m the Assistant Digital Officer here at Grassroots, and I help out with fundraising and communications. I started at the end of January, and have been given so many exciting opportunities in these four months. Things like hearing the incredible personal stories of our fundraisers, going to our Real Talk suicide prevention training, creating content, interviewing supporters, and so much more.

“I struggled with anxiety from a young age… Stigma shows itself in different ways”

I feel really lucky that my job has given me the chance to learn so much about something that really resonates with me. I’m proud to help Grassroots fight the stigma around mental illness and suicide, which is the reason so many people feel that they have to suffer in silence.

I struggled with anxiety from a young age. It was misunderstood and dismissed by people I never would have expected it from, but it showed me how deeply engrained the misconception and trivialisation of mental illness is.

I can empathise with how much stigma can skew your own self-view and make you feel as though you are alone, even though you’re not. Stigma shows itself in different ways – whether it’s feeling too scared to ask someone if they’re thinking about suicide, too scared to ask others for help out of fear of being a burden, or feeling like because you can’t see it, it’s not real.

I was lucky enough to have close friends as a support system who reminded me that my feelings were valid. It’s something that anyone battling with their own thoughts should have. But unfortunately not everyone feels that they do.

All our work at Grassroots goes towards making sure that no one is left feeling like suicide is the only option, and equipping people in keeping themselves and others safe. This work is so important, and I’m so happy to be a part of the team and see first-hand the positive impact that they make.