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World Suicide Prevention Day is for raising awareness of suicide and promoting action that helps save lives. This year we celebrate Creating Hope Through Action.

No matter how big or small, our actions can provide hope to those who are struggling. We can all be there for people who are experiencing a suicidal crisis or have lost a loved one to suicide.

Rachel looks fresh with light wavy long hair. Jake grins and wears an orange benie hat. Bryony looks kind of suprised!

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Join authors and mental health campaigners Bryony Gordon and Jake Tyler, and Grassroots CEO Rachael Swann, as they discussed this year’s theme: Creating Hope Through Action.

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Thanks to Grassroots, we’re better equipped to look out for the people that we work with – I don’t think you can overstate how important that is”
Ryan Gray, team manager of The National Skateboard Co.

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The StayAlive app has helped prevent me from reaching crisis point – it reminds me that I am loved and valuable as a human being”
Emma, Time To Change York

The StayAlive app has been downloaded over 250,000 times. It is packed full of powerful tools and information to help you keep yourself and others safe from suicide. Try it today.

“You should join the Ask Now Save Lives campaign because you might save a life”
Alastair Campbell

Ask Now Save Lives is our movement against suicide. People around the world are learning how to ask the sort of questions that save lives. Then they’re getting others to do the same. With our help, they are keeping people safer from suicide – you can too.

“Running for Grassroots is a tiny thank you for the amazing work they do saving lives everyday”
Lucy, Grassroots Runner

Our work depends on the amazing generosity of our supporters. Their fundraising makes what we do possible and means we can make a bigger difference every year.

Did you know 1 in 5 people will have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives

With your generosity, we can help people stay safe and provide the support they need in times of crisis