Real Talk

At Grassroots Suicide Prevention, we know real conversations save real people’s lives. We enable those conversations on all levels. This is Real Talk. Grassroots is inviting everyone in the community to become part of a movement to prevent suicide through Real Talk.

Real Talk invites more people, real people into the suicide prevention space to get talking about suicide.

We know this is something that people find it hard to talk about, so we are providing the opportunity for people to gain more confidence in talking about suicide and to start feeling comfortable with the language and the feelings that come up.

That takes courage - courage that we all have.

That’s when we can start to have real conversations, Real Talk about suicide.

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Adapt your language

We would like to share some learning with you. Talking about suicide is stigmatised subject. What can you do to help break down this stigma?

Adapt your language, here are a few ways you can do that:

How to talk about suicide. Avoid terms that add to stigma. Committed suicide. Successful or unsuccessful suicide. Cry for help. Failed attempt at suicide. Use terms like these. Die or death by suicide. Suicided. Ended her or his life. Took her or his life. Suicide attempt.


We are building a community of Changemakers who can help us spread the word that it’s ok to talk about suicide.

The more people we talk to the more we realise how our lives are affected by suicide and having the opportunity to talk really makes a difference to people. It’s down to us to start that conversation.

Real Talk and the Changemakers programme gives everyone a chance to contribute and make a difference.

Email us at to find out how to get involved.


In mid 2018, we carried out a survey to find out your needs and concerns. Thank you to all that took part in this feedback. We will use it to inform our work.

Feedback: Your thoughts on preventing suicide
Your confidence in helping someone with thoughts of suicide: 6 out of 10
Your worries that prevent you from helping: 48% said fear of making it somehow worse. 38% said unable to provide ongoing support and own mental health at risk.
Making Real Talk accessible for all: This survey has helped us develop our new program called Real Talk. A supportive, connected, reassuring experience.
Having options. You said being able to access different forms of learning would make you feel more confident. Face to face, Computers, and Phones.
We hear you. 1 - You want information from a trusted source. 2 - You want to make a difference to people's lives. 3 - You want more flexibility.

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13 June 2019

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12 March 2019

2019 GSK IMPACT Award winner!

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