'Stay Safe' Suicide Prevention Toolkit for People with Learning Disabilities

Everyone wants you to stay safe and not hurt yourself when you have very sad thoughts and feelings.

One in twenty people feel suicidal every year, so you are not alone.

Don't forget

Don't try to cope on your own
Talking to someone is the best thing you can do when you feel sad
Things that make you feel sad are called TRIGGERS

And Remember

There are people available in your area that understand how you feel and are ready to help you.
The details can be found by clicking here.

It's normal to feel embarrassed about telling someone how you feel so DON'T let this stop you getting the help you need.

Make a list of 3 people or organisations you can talk to about how you feel.

Make a list of 3 or more things that are important to you, so when you are feeling sad you can remind yourself of your "reasons for living"

If you feel too shy or embarrassed or can't find the right words show the person you want to help this webpage and watch the video together.

I am feeling very sad can you help me please
Learn how to stay safe and not hurt yourself when you feel very sad

Thanks to the producer Jon Bryant and SpeakOut, a Brighton-based advocacy service for adults with learning difficulties.

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