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The Big Give

£10,000 raised

30th Nov – 7th Dec

The Big Give Christmas Challenge to prevent suicide

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest matched fund campaign.

From 30 Nov to 07 Dec, any donation you made to Grassroots Suicide Prevention was doubled by our amazing supporters: best-selling author Matt Haig, and The Julia And Hans Rausing Trust.

Donate £25 and your donation will be doubled to £50. Make one gift for twice the impact.

Our team of amazing people and organisations raised £10,000 in the fight against suicide, mental illness, and self harm.

‘Grassroots do invaluable work that makes a difference in the real world. They are dedicated to helping prevent suicide.

I’m proud to support them in The Big Give Christmas Challenge.’

Matt Haig, best-selling author and Grassroots advocate

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Business partnerships

Want to join the fight against suicide through your business or employer? Our business partners help us support, train, and equip more people every year. Partner with us in The Big Give Christmas Challenge to make your voice count.*

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Existing partners

The difference you will make

Your support could help reduce deaths by suicide and encourage a shift in the way we talk about suicide. Here’s how:

Empower people to be there for others

Our suicide prevention training gives people the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to recognise and help someone at risk of suicide.

With your support, in 2022 we could train 3,000 community members – more than ever before.

‘The training Grassroots gave me helped save my friend’s life’

Chris used the skills and confidence we gave him to spot and support a friend at risk of suicide.

Give £100 and we get £200. This could fund four places on a mental health first aid course.

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Make life-saving support easier to access

There are so many lifesaving services and resources out there that finding the right one at the right time can be hard.

Our suicide prevention app, StayAlive, makes it simple for someone to find and speak to the right service, even if they are in crisis.

‘When I was suicidal, the StayAlive app kept me safe’

I’m proud to support them in The Big Give The StayAlive app helps people keep themselves and those around them safe from suicide. Challenge.’

Give £10 and we get £20. This could help keep the StayAlive app free for everyone.

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Fight dangerous stigma around suicide

Common myths and misconceptions about suicide get in the way of people seeking or offering support.

Our campaigns, workshops, and community projects give people the facts and encourage open and honest conversations about suicide.

‘I was scared to ask Ben if he was feeling suicidal. I regret that with all my heart.’

Ben was a professional skateboarder who died by suicide. After his death, we delivered training for the skating community, helping to fight dangerous stigma.

Give £50 and we get £100. This could help fund two places on a suicide prevention course.

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Invest in innovative tools & resources that save lives

We embrace innovation and technology to keep people safe from suicide. This includes:

  • The StayAlive app
  • StayAlive booklet: for digitally excluded people
  • Real Talk About Suicide: an interactive film that teaches viewers to support someone in crisis

‘The StayAlive booklet is life-saving for our clients’

St. Mungo’s, homelessness charity

Our StayAlive booklet helps digitally excluded people stay safe from suicide.

Give £20 and we get £40. This could help develop more innovative ways to save lives.

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When should I make my donation?

The challenge was open from 30 Nov to 07 December. You can still donate to Grassroots this Christmas:

Where should I make my donation?

The challenge was open from 30 Nov to 07 December. You can still donate to Grassroots this Christmas:

How does the matching system work?

If matching funds are available, the system works like a ticketing website and will reserve the match funds for you for 15 minutes. It will be made clear whether you have reserved the match funds or not. A timer will also appear on the donation page indicating how long you have left to complete your donation.

How much is available in matching funds?

There is £7,500 available in matching funds. That means between your donations and our matching fund supporters, we can raise £15,000!

Who is matching my donation?

Your donation will be matched by our generous supporters: best-selling author Matt Haig, and The Julia & Hans Rausing Trust.

Can I Gift Aid my donation?

Yes. You are given this option when making a donation. We will then reclaim your Gift Aid from HMRC.

Is donating secure on the Big Give?

Yes. All online donations are processed by The Big Give’s payment processors, Stripe and Enthuse. All donations made through either platform are securely encrypted and processed using SSL certificates. Both platforms are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 compliant (the highest level of security). Read more about Stripe security here, and about Enthuse security here. Furthermore, your connection to the Big Give is encrypted, so it is perfectly safe to donate via their systems. 3D Secure may also be incorporated by your card issuer to complete the donation process.