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Managing for Thriving Teams: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Team Leaders

Managing for Thriving Teams: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for Team Leaders

Course information

This workshop provides workplace leaders with a comprehensive toolkit to recognise, address, and support mental health challenges and suicidality within their teams. Designed specifically in consideration of the challenges and demands faced by those in management roles, the course offers a pathway to empathetic leadership that can be easily integrated in the workplace.

Participants will gain practical skills to spot early signs of mental health issues, conduct supportive conversations, and guide team members to valuable resources.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise early signs of main mental health issues in employees, including suicidality, stress and burnout, and how they might be spotted in different work type styles.
  • Discuss ways to reduce stigma around having MH conversation and link to challenging inequality programme.
  • Conduct open, supportive mental health conversations including around suicide ideation, as a routine aspect of management, using “check ins” scenarios and a framework of intervention.
  • Guide team members to appropriate support, and seek guidance for yourself. 
  • Plan implementation of self-care, encouraging your team to maintain their own mental health.
  • Access resources for the ongoing management and monitoring of mental wellbeing and suicidality in the workplace including knowing where to go for further help or support in complex situations.


3.5 hours


Online or in-person

Group size

6 to 24 learners

Ideal for

Managers and team leaders across various services and organisations who are committed to fostering a supportive and mentally healthy workplace environment.

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