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Stay Alive Suicide Prevention App: FAQ’s

Have questions about the Stay Alive app?

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) to help answer any questions you have about the Stay Alive App.

How has Stay Alive App been used so far?

The app makes an important contribution to coordinated efforts to prevent suicide across the UK. It’s a key feature in local authority suicide prevention plans. It improves help-seeking pathways in specific local areas where a license has been secured.

We know from feedback that the app has a wide range of users including:

  • By a range of health professionals including GP’s and A&E staff.
  • By mental health practitioners in clinical and non-clinical settings.
  • By health and social care workers including those in housing, residential, children and young people services, and in substance misuse services.
  • By the front-line emergency services including police, paramedics and fire service personnel.
  • By transport staff including train, buses and taxi services.
  • By everyday people like you and me.

Is the Stay Alive App safe to use?

Many people wrongly believe that asking or talking about suicide makes it worse, or even puts the idea in someone’s mind. This is not true. Talking openly about suicide takes courage. Thoughts of suicide are more common than you might think. Talking openly and honestly about suicide creates an opportunity to make a difference.

The app is intended as a self-help tool and not intended as a substitute for professional services. The app links people to places where they can find help, encourages them to seek help and talk about how they are feeling with others. The app has the ability to store Safety Plans, contacts and services that can keep someone safe.

All guidance and information within the app is reviewed and updated every 6 months to check all resources are updated and links working.

“We want to use every method available to us to make Sussex, and beyond, a place where people thinking about suicide are supported and helped in their workplace and their community.”

– Emma Wadey, Executive Director of Nursing and Patient Experience

Is the Stay Alive app for children and young people?

Yes,  the Stay Alive app is for everyone. Children and young people are safe to download the app onto their devices, but it is helpful to have a parent or guardian guide them through the sections (to make sure they are getting the most out of the app). On the iOS App Store the certificate is graded 17+. This is simply because of a description within the app listing potential noticeable behaviours you might observe when someone might be thinking of suicide. The line is within the ‘Potential Warning Signs’ page of the ‘Worried About Someone’ section and reads:

“Actions: giving possessions away, writing a will, behaving in risky ways, becoming withdrawn, increasing use of drugs or alcohol, stockpiling pills.” 

Is Stay Alive App available for Windows or Amazon Firestick?

Unfortunately not at this time, the app is available free on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

How to stay alive when you are suicidal?

You can use the Stay Alive app as a resource to help you stay alive when feeling suicidal. See the ‘Thinking About Suicide’ section to learn five simple steps on staying safe from suicide. You can also use the suicide prevention resources within ‘Find Help Now’ to find emergency or support services directly from the app. The app has plenty of ‘Self Help Ideas’ to help you cope with your thoughts and feelings, and ‘Breathing Exercises’ where you are encouraged to breath in time with a moving circle to distract you from negative thoughts and help you relax. People who have had thoughts of suicide have told us the app has helped them in crisis. Please download the app free on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets to try it out.

“This app is terrific. There is so much content and resources on here. The capability to upload uplifting photos is an instant motivation to avoid suicidal thoughts. There are many resources and actual conversation about suicide – it cements that you are not weird or alone or too far gone. I turn to this app when things get too dark. I will be forever grateful to the creators of Stay Alive. ????”

– Anonymous Google User

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How to use the Stay Alive App to help someone else?

The app has links to suicide bereavement where you can find online support information and where to get help. The app serves as a supporter guidebook to help you identify potential warning signs and learn how to help. If you want to learn more about suicide, the reasons why people find it hard to talk about and why it’s often hard to notice when someone is feeling this way please go to the ‘Myths About Suicide’ section. Here you will find 20 common misunderstandings about suicide. Each myth is explained in digestible, accessible language.

“Just downloaded and looked through your Stay Alive app which is excellent (I’m a GP putting together information resources to give out to patients who may be at risk of suicide). It’s really, really good and I’m so impressed, particularly by ability to add photos from camera roll.”

– Dr Helen Ashdown, GP

Can I use the Stay Alive app in the USA?

Stay Alive has links and resources for people living in the USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. You can find these within the ‘International Crisis Support’ section of ‘Find Help Now’. Most of the content however is for general use, for anyone worldwide. The app has also been translated into Scandinavian languages.

How can I license the app for my area?

Do you have a strategic role in preventing suicide? You may be a lead in Public Health, Mental Health or Clinical Commissioner. You can purchase a license to promote your services within the Stay Alive app.

How does this work? Licensing the app for your network or area couldn’t be easier. We can help you promote your crisis services directly those who need it. Each provider can get up to three pages within the ‘Find Help Now’ section of the app. By linking those at risk of suicide and their carers to support, you can help reduce suicide in your locality. Please get in touch to find out more.

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How can I donate to support the development of Stay Alive?

Help us raise essential funds for the app development program. This ensures that the app will always be free to download and can develop to meet the needs of your community. You can visit our fundraising page for fundraising ideas and resources. We would love to work with you.

Your support – large or small – will helps us reach more people at risk of suicide and train more helpers to make a difference in local communities. You can donate in a number of ways:

  • Make individual donations through our JustGiving page.
  • See our JustGiving page for details on setting up monthly donations.
  • Create a fundraiser for Grassroots, set up your event page on JustGiving. Download a fundraising pack here.
  • Donate by bank transfer: The Co-operative Bank, Sort code: 089299, Account: 65625608 (Please use your name as the reference)

Is the app GDPR compliant?

The app is fully compliant with GDPR and international data management standards. All third-party websites have their own privacy policies, including page cookies, so please read and accept all terms and conditions before visiting, all of which are separate to the Stay Alive app privacy policy.

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If you have any other questions about Stay Alive you can send us an email:

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You can read the full Stay Alive App Privacy Policy here:

Stay Alive Privacy Policy

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