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We help remove the stigma around suicide. We know that most suicides are preventable with timely intervention and the right support. We raise awareness through campaigning on the ground and influencing at a strategic level.

A woman wearing our Ask Now Save LIves campaign T-shirt takes a selfie in the mirror.

Influencing stigma: Our campaign work often focuses on ending the stigma around mental health and suicide.

Case study: Ask Now Save Lives is our global campaign that encourages people to have open and courageous conversations about mental health and feelings of suicide. The campaign, which reached over two million people, exists aims to help remove the harmful stigma around mental health so that people can feel comfortable reaching out and have the confidence to have these vital conversations and get the support they need.

A young man with a beard holds a skateboard on his shoulder.

Campaigns in communities: We connect with communities and deliver bespoke support and advice tailored to their needs.

Case Study: Skateboarders. We worked with The Ben Raemers Foundation to deliver suicide prevention training to the skateboarding community on a national scale. Suicide First Aid courses were given to Slam City Skates – one of the country’s biggest skate shops and skate-team managers around the UK. These members of the skateboarding community left the training with the knowledge and confidence to help save lives.

A small panel discussion

Awareness raising: We raise awareness of suicide and mental health issues through events that enable frank discussion and debate.

Case Study: World Suicide Prevention Day Panel Discussion. In 2021, World Suicide Prevention Day’s theme was Creating Hope Through Action. We held an online panel where authors and mental health campaigners, Bryony Gordon and Jake Tyler, who joined Grassroots Suicide Prevention's CEO Rachael Swann. They discussed what the theme means to them, and how we can take action personally to keep ourselves and others safe.

A meeting with 3 people.

Partnership: We work alongside organisations to deliver campaigns in local and regional areas.

Case Study: Barnet Council. We have joined with Barnet Council in their Suicide Prevention Partnership, to create a campaign focused on mental ill-health and suicide amongst men. This including promoting the Stay Alive app as a useful tool to keep people safe, and we included local support services on the app for people living in Barnet. The campaign resulted in a 27% increase in new users for Stay Alive. 

A speaker at a conference.

Sharing expertise: We regularly present on our innovative, life-saving work at national and international conferences.

Our expertise is powerful because it is diverse and includes not just clinical and frontline experience, but also the lived experience of living with suicidal thoughts and bereavement by suicide. This lived experience can be found on all levels of our charity, from volunteers through to staff and trustees, and it is a golden thread which informs all our work.
A work meeting.

National voice: We raise awareness of suicide prevention and work at a regional and national levels to campaign for change and to influence critical strategic conversations.

We are an active member of the NSPA (National Suicide Prevention Alliance), as well as many suicide prevention strategy and network groups across the UK. We regularly attend the Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group) and contribute to consultations on national and local strategy.

Did you know 1 in 5 people will have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives?

With your generosity, we can help people stay safe and provide the support they need in times of crisis