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Ideas and inspiration

Ideas and inspiration

No matter how much time you have or what you feel like doing, we know there's a fundraiser for you.

Take a look through our suggestions below to see what you could achieve. Contact us for toolkits, support, advice and more.

Fundraising starts with a feeling! What are you looking for?

Creative ideas


  • Knit or sew small items to sell
  • Use woodworking or leatherworking skills
  • Try making keyrings, phone holders, masks, small bags or pouches
  • Make jewellery
  • If you have a small business, pick a small item and donate the sales proceeds
  • It’s up to you how much you spend on materials and how many days or weeks you want to spend creating​

Letter writing campaigns

  • Write to local MPs and ask them to donate or talk tot he council about doing something bigger in the community
  • Write to local celebrities to see if they will make a donation – and maybe give Grassroots Suicide Prevention some air time on their social media platforms!
  • Write to businesses in your area and ask if they will consider donating something
  • Write to local schools or colleges and suggest ideas for their students to fundraise, or ask if the school can nominate Grassroots Suicide Prevention as their Charity Of The Year
  • Remember to be respectful. Not every school, business or individual has the spare funds to make donations, but sometimes making the suggestion can be what puts a charity on the radar for next time! 

Odd jobs

  • Hire yourself out to do odd jobs like mowing lawns or weeding gardens and donate your pay 
  • See if you can do small jobs within your own skillset: for example, a painter/decorator could offer to do smaller jobs at a slight discount, and donate the payments
  • Younger children could sweep driveways or help relatives and neighbours with washing up or laundry for some pocket money to donate


  • Think about what seasonal events are coming up and do somthing special! 
  • On Bonfire Night you could ask for ‘pennies for the Guy’ or give out warm drinks in the neighbourhood
  • Instead of getting sweets for Trick or Treat, you could ask for spare change from houses you visit
  • At Easter, you could hold an Egg Hunt and ask for a small donation to take part
  • If you give gifts in December or at other important religious events, consider asking for donations instead
  • Ask people to match their spending for Secret Santa or White Elephant gifting

Classic fundraisers

  • Ask your neighbourhood or workplace to help you fill a wheelbarrow with loose change
  • Have a bake sale! 

Active ideas

Running and hiking

  • Marathons and half marathons
  • Fun runs, community runs and night runs
  • Pick a hike or series of hikes to do over summer (or winter if you’re feeling hardy)


  • Classic challenges like Three Peaks, Camino Santiago or Kilimanjaro
  • Cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End
  • Complete any of these virtually at the gym – just count the miles and work out how far you’ve gone!
  • Couch to 5k Challenge

In the gym

  • 30 day yoga or pilates challenges – plenty available online
  • Push yourself! Bench press 10 woolly mammoths (60,000kg), bicep curl an elephant (5000kg), etc.
  • Make sure you stay safe and don’t overexert yourself or your muscles​

Silly ideas

Fancy dress

  • Fancy dress party fundraiser
  • Fun run in fancy dress
  • Remember to choose costumes​​ that don’t make fun of diseases or cultures

Silly sponsorships

Ask people to sponsor you for something like: 

  • Wearing a onesie to work for a week
  • Not talking for a day
  • Taking a baked bean bath


  • Have a ‘big kid’s party’ and play all the old party games – except everyone has to donate £1 if they miss pinning the tail on the donkey, or don’t hit the piñata

World Records

  • Break a silly world record – how many snails can you fit on your face? How far can you cycle backwards while playing the violin? How fast can you arrange alphabet spaghetti?
  • Remember ‘breaking a world record’  is an official process, check the Guinness World Records website for more

Brave ideas


  • You can ask people to sponsor you for all sorts of extreme events!
  • Bungee jumping 
  • Skydiving
  • Wing walking


  • Ask for sponsorship to make a brave change like the cut or colour of your hair
  • Go vegetarian or vegan (for as long or as little as you like and get sponsorships based on how long you can do it
  • Pick a personal challenge you’ve been thinking about for a while and do it to raise money​

Brave the elements

  • Pick a really tough physical challenge, like hiking the Inca Trail, Camino Santiago, Appalachian Trail or something else in your area of interest
  • These challenges will be different for everyone – maybe you just want to see if you can take 15,000 steps a day! 

World Records

  • Find a tough world record and try your best to break it, whether alone or as a group
  • How far can you walk on your hands?
  • How many pull ups can you do in 24 hours?
  • Remember ‘breaking a world record’  is an official process, check the Guinness World Records website for more

Social ideas

With friends

  • Hold a coffee morning in aid of Grassroots Suicide Prevention
  • Hold a bake sale​ or collaborate with friends or colleagues
  • Find a group run or walk and ask or sponsorship​​
  • Do yourself a favour too and hold a jumble sale or garage sale and donate your profits!

In your community

  • Have you got a few connections? Think about organising a charity auction (big or small!) – ask local businesses if they have goods or services to donate
  • If you’re feeling fancy, make your next dinner party, community or industry event a gala – involve local or national businesses as sponsors 
  • The sky’s the limit!

Quick ideas

Make it snappy

  • Do a penny drive (ask everyone for coppers)
  • Number envelopes 1-100 and have everybody pick one, then donate that amount of money (raises £5050!)
  • Do the same as the above but with 1-20 and you’ll raise £210​
  • Have a swear jar (or an ‘every time we lose the remote’ jar)
  • Give something up like coffee or chocolate and donate the money you save
  • Vote with your money – put your options on two or more jars and encourage people to vote for their favourite (a great one for the office)

Did you know 1 in 5 people will have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives

With your generosity, we can help people stay safe and provide the support they need in times of crisis