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Join us today – help prevent suicide

Shareefa J
Presenter, Activist

Ask the questions that save lives

When life gets tough, connecting with others can make all the difference. But reaching out can feel impossible. Particularly when thoughts of suicide are involved.

That’s why we all need to bravely ask the questions that matter. To ask for support when we need it. To ask those struggling to cope if they are having thoughts of suicide and to listen to what they say. To show that we care.


People like you are taking action

Ask Now Save Lives is a movement against suicide. People are learning how to ask the sort of questions that save lives. Then they’re getting others to do the same. Together, they are keeping us all safer from suicide.

Join the movement – become a lifesaver.

Ask Now Save Lives

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Join us today – help prevent suicide

Bake Off Star, Baker

“Even if someone is smiling, going to work – none of those things mean they can’t be thinking about attempting suicide. Ask them. You cannot cause someone to end their own life by openly asking. And you could end up saving a life.”

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Bryony Gordon
Columnist, Author

“Due to stigma, people often worry about asking if someone is having suicidal thoughts. But talking about suicide does not give people the idea to try it. In fact, it means they are more likely to explore other options or ask for help.”

Alastair Campbell
Mental Health Campaigner

“People often look at suicide and think it’s a selfish thing to do, which is wrong. I’ve had suicidal ideation and sometimes it because that feels like the way to protect the ones you love. That’s what I want people to understand.”

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Steven Carter-Bailey
Bake Off Star, Radio Presenter

“I have seen the effects that suicide has on people. I never want another family to suffer. I don’t want someone to ever feel that suicide is the only option left. It never is, and it never should be.”

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Jonny Benjamin MBE
Author, Campaigner

“I’ve lived with suicidal thoughts. Nobody should have to do that alone. We shouldn’t be afraid to ask that question – ‘Are you feeling suicidal?’ We need to get more confident talking about suicide and remove the taboo.”

Hear Jonny talk openly about his experiences

Anthony Burrill
Anthony Burrill
Michael Chakraverty
BakeOff Star
Izzy & Jenny
The Untangled Podcast
Jake Tyler
Author & Activist
Danny Rahim
Liz Saville-Roberts
Grassroots Trainer
Frank Turner
Rory Bremner
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Alex Bowen
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Meredith Hepner Chapman
Alex Harvey
Yannis Philippakis
Musician (Foals)
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Join us today – learn how you can prevent suicide

Did you know 1 in 5 people will have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives?

With your generosity, we can help people stay safe and provide the support they need in times of crisis