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2020 with Grassroots

This year, you have proved again how important you are

When lockdown began, we knew things would be different. To keep people safe from suicide, we would have to adapt our work. So we turned to you, our supporters.

You helped us get to grips with our first ever webinars. You influenced a major upgrade of the StayAlive app. You ran virtual fundraising events and joined our online campaigns.

And together, we made a difference:

  • 88 courses and workshops (50 virtual) for over 1500 people
  • 45,909 StayAlive app downloads and a major upgrade
  • Ask Now Save Lives campaign reaching thousands
  • Work started on three new suicide prevention tools for at risk groups

We cannot stop now – donate to save lives

We’ve done a lot with your support this year, shown in the timeline below. Next year, we cannot and will not slow down. So, we still need your support.

This Christmas, prevent suicide – donate to Grassroots.

2020 with Grassroots


We train 163 people how to prevent suicide. 

We deliver our first Assessing Suicide in Kids course. 

The StayAlive app is downloaded 4,654 times, hitting 131,083 in total. 

We're chosen to be Brighton Co-Op's local cause, raising funds for our training.


We train 204 people, including staff from the Home Office and Westminster Abbey. 

30 people run the Brighton Half Marathon for Grassroots, including author Matt Haig. They raise over £15k. 

We help 25 people become ASIST trainers. 

We host a gig night in Brighton.


Lockdown begins - we all start working from home. 

All training and fundraising events are postponed.

No one is furloughed - we commit all staff to adapting our strategy: how can we change our work to keep people safe from suicide during a pandemic?


We develop and test a suite of virtual training courses. 

We launch a range of e-learning on our website. 

Our supporters take part in the 2.6 Challenge - they raise over £4k. 

We start work on a major StayAlive app upgrade. Yearly downloads rise to 16,486.


We deliver our first funded virtual courses for frontline workers. 

Our interactive film, Real Talk About Suicide, wins a Webby Award. 

We start work on a street art project, working with local artists. 

We  recruit a volunteer to translate the StayAlive app into French.


We deliver our first virtual Real Talk workshop.

We are made official charity partner of the Brighton Marathon 2021 - 10 people sign up to run.

Real Talk About Suicide wins a Campaign Tech Magazine Award. 

National Numeracy make us their charity of the year.


The demand for training starts returning - we deliver 3 virtual courses.

 We're made official partners of United We Stream Brighton to support the local nightlife economy. 

Nationwide Bank Brighton make us their charity of the year.


Training surges - we deliver 7 virtual courses for 104 people. 

We release the major StayAlive upgrade. Yearly downloads up to 26,543.

Natty from The Acorn Project starts his 3000 mile cycle around the UK to support our work.

 5 new runners join the marathon team - 25 in total.


To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, we launch the Ask Now Save Lives campaign: supported by Frank Turner, Caroline Lucas MP, IDLES and others, the campaign's lifesaving messages reach thousands of people.

Nearly 100 people buy an Ask Now Save Lives t-shirt.

Social distancing is relaxed - we deliver 10 courses, including in person training ASIST for the RAF.


We deliver 5 courses to 86 people. 

We get funding and start developing a StayAlive booklet for digitally excluded groups. 

The marathon team rises to 36. 

Runner and fundraiser Racquel is shortlisted for the BBC Radio Make A Difference awards.

We receive a grant for £50k from the Rausing Trust, to continue our lifesaving work during the pandemic.


We deliver 19 courses - the busiest month of the year.

Alastair Campbell, Shaun Keaveny, Jonny Benjamin MBE and others join the Ask now Save Lives campaign.

We welcome a new staff member and 4 new trustees.

We start a training contract for frontline workers in East Sussex. 

We launch our Ask Now Save Lives webstore, in time for Christmas. 


We are confirmed as official partners for The Great Escape Festival 2021.

StayAlive yearly downloads up to 45,909. Total of 172,338.

We deliver 12 courses.

We will release interviews with big names talking openly about mental health and suicide.

We will begin developing a digital tool to support those exposed to suicide, funded by Brighton & Hove Public Health.

Did you know 1 in 5 people will have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives?

With your generosity, we can help people stay safe and provide the support they need in times of crisis