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A safeTalk participant writes…

“I ‘ve just completed the half day safeTALK workshop in suicide alertness in Brighton. It was a very educational and thought-provoking experience, and well beyond my expectations, with many people from all walks of life taking part, including those in education, and those working with adults and children in a variety of occupations.  Thanks to the very well articulated knowledge, and engaging demeanour of the trainer, (‘Chukes’) I came to a much better understanding of suicide and suicide prevention, via a mix of presentations, and interactive workshops, within a very open and warm atmosphere of learning together.

“The half day involved a basic overview of suicide, and how together we can make our communities safer from suicide. We learnt how to be alert to the signs of potential suicide, and what we can do when confronted with someone who is feeling suicidal. The main takeaway for me was to realise that people thinking of suicide will often find ways to invite help from others, that ‘invitations’ are often missed, dismissed or avoided, and that the best way to find out if someone is thinking of suicide is to ask directly. Chukes explained and expanded on this, with clarity and an obvious commitment to understanding and helping those who experience suicidal thoughts, and helping to enable people in general recognise the signs and signals coming from people with suicidal thoughts.  He then invited us to get together with our fellow students to practice and workshop what we had we had learned. This enabled us to make some new friends and connections! We were also given plenty of very useful and informative learning resources, as well as a personalised certificate, detailing the fact I had completed the safeTALK workshop in suicide alertness.

“For people (including myself) working within organisations of any type and size, being alert to suicide, and thinking about providing or extending systems of support, this course will have proved to be very valuable. I am also currently studying for a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling in Brighton, and this training has also afforded me a valuable insight into suicide in general. I am looking forward to furthering that knowledge.”

– Jeff Hemmings

Our trainer Chukes takes a class through the safeTALK programme

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Did you know 1 in 5 people will have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives?

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