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Finding Our Own Isolation

Paris Hoxton got in touch with Grassroots during the recent 2.6 challenge. She kindly supported the event by performing 26 tap jumps… Not only is she a keen tap dancer but she also writes the rather marvellous blog which deals with Mental Health and the arts, well worth some of your time – from upbeat Monday playlists to great insights into mental health. During lockdown it reminds us we are all not alone – whatever is going on someone out there knows how you feel.

We asked Paris if she would write us a piece for our blog and she kindly agreed. So here it is – Many thanks Paris!!!!

Finding Our Own Isolation

Portrait of Paris Hoxton, a young woman with long brown hair wearing a red dress with small white flowers.
Paris Hoxton

As an actress living in London (pre Covid-19), I found it difficult keeping up the practice of my craft, as the city had a way of consuming my time and energy. So, in theory, being in isolation should be the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to make the most of this time, right?  What I have noticed when speaking to fellow artists, is a sense of comparison in productivity…

Now I must say, what the arts community has done, coming together to help one another has been absolutely mind blowing. There are daily online classes for all levels run by some of the top professionals in the west end and beyond! However, what this means for those of whom that aren’t able to stay motivated, they may be comparing what others are achieving to what they are able to achieve in this time.

Paris Hoxton in a dance pose with her arms stretched above her head and one leg raised off the ground.

As someone living with bipolar disorder and that has previously known the deep struggles of sustaining a good mental health, I have had to work hard to find my own way in these unprecedented times. My personal approach to getting by in isolation has been to take each day as it comes. Every day is a new day. If one day I have a bit of energy, I’ll do some tap dancing. If one day I wake up and struggle to get out of bed, I’ll aim to reach for the ‘low hanging fruit’, meaning I will try to complete tasks of which are easily achievable but that will still bring me some fulfilment, even if this is just making myself a lovely breakfast!

My advice for anyone in this time, really, is to not take too much advice! There is no ‘better’ way of living in isolation. Be kind to yourself and to others. Focus on your path. Your energy. Your mind.

– Paris Hoxton –

Did you know 1 in 5 people will have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives?

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