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AskNowSaveLives: Jake Tyler

Jake Tyler is a mental health campaigner, advocate and writer. After reaching a point where depression and suicidal thoughts had engulfed his life, Jake reached out to a loved one, and with their support he made the decision to get help.
He has written his first book, ‘A Walk From The Wild Edge’ about taking back control of his life through his 3,000 mile journey around the UK, and along the way finding peace within himself and the world around him.

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AskNowSaveLives: Steven Carter-Bailey

After working in marketing for years, Steven Carter-Bailey took the leap of applying to The Great British Bake Off series 8 – his life hasn’t since been the same! Suicide prevention is a cause very close to Steven’s heart. He spoke with us about how important it is to have a support system you can trust, and to normalise opening up about suicidal thoughts.

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Grassroots Supporter Spotlight: Gillian Smith

Gillian Smith is a Scottish author and mental health advocate, who found her own recovery through writing about her experience with suicidal thoughts and mental illness. Gillian is a supporter of Grassroots and believes in the importance of open and honest discourse in making those around us feel comfortable in sharing their own stories.

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Black and white image of Rich Williamson in a black t-shirt.

How do you train for a marathon? We asked the man who ran every day for a year

Rich Williamson has wholeheartedly dedicated his life to running. In March, Rich completed a full 365 days of running consecutively – he motivates others to use running as a means to positively impact their mental health and overall wellbeing. We spoke to Rich about what running means to him and why he chose to support the Grassroots Runners.

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Did you know 1 in 5 people will have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives?

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