Real Talk - conversations that save lives

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Real Talk About Suicide is an interactive film which helps guide the viewer, as they make choices to support someone with suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

The film presents an unfolding conversation between two flatmates, Chris and Jason. The viewer is prompted to answer multiple-choice questions about the next steps Jason might take to help his friend.

Guidance is offered, and key principles explained, with the aim of increasing the skills and confidence of the viewer in responding to people at risk of suicide, and to provide links to further sources of support.

Listen, Ask a direct question about suicide, Understand, Get help
How do you get Chris to talk openly? Try tough love? Ask a yes no question? Ask an open-ended question, don't judge?

You may find aspects of the video challenging to watch and potentially upsetting, particularly if you have been personally affected by suicide. We are letting you know so you can make an informed decision about whether to watch the film at this time. It may also be helpful to watch the video with someone you can talk to about the issues raised.

People experience suicidal thoughts for their own individual reasons, and the context of these situations will vary greatly. The Chris and Jason video presents one possible scenario. Our hope is that it shows a useful, basic approach for helping someone have an open conversation about suicide and connecting them with further support.

Real Talk about suicide

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Winner – Campaign Magazine Tech Awards 2020 – Tech For Good category

The film was developed by Grassroots Suicide Prevention in partnership with Director Martin Percy, Unit9, and Public Health at East Sussex County Council.

Real Talk - Conversations that save lives

Real Talk About Suicide

Suicide Prevention

15 – 30 minutes

Our free interactive film explores how Jason helps his flatmate Chris, who is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Influence the conversation and safely understand the effect your choices might have.


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