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Crisis To Recovery

Crisis To Recovery

Course information

This unique two-day workshop is designed for mental health workers, clinicians and support services professionals seeking to enhance their skills, resources and proficiency intervening with individuals at risk of suicide, including those with complex needs or who have made attempts.

By equipping participants with a diverse array of strategies, the training not only addresses immediate crisis situations but also delves deeper into tackling the fundamental factors contributing to suicidality. Beyond skills development, the course places significant emphasis on nurturing emotional resilience and confidence.

Learning outcomes

  • Examine some of your attitudes about suicide.
  • Explain what being trauma-informed means.
  • Identify a range of factors that might increase the risk of suicide and warning signs that someone may be having thought of suicide.
  • Explain the limitations of suicide-risk screening tools.
  • Identify the principles of and possible steps in assessment when working with someone at risk.
  • List potential barriers to stable engagement and ways of addressing these.
  • Recall a range of questions that could be used to assess risk and promote strengths.
  • Discuss ways of supporting an autistic client and a client with complex emotional needs who are having suicidal thoughts with scenarios.
  • Practise engaging someone in a conversation about suicide using a framework.
  • Link someone with additional support.
  • List the dimensions of Sommers-Flanagan’s model and the links with drivers of suicide and a range of possible interventions at each stage.
  • Approach interventions, including with emotionally sensitive clients and those with complex needs.
  • Develop a sound understanding of a strength-based working approach.
  • Describe and practice communication and de-escalation skills and strategies.
  • Understand how and when to withdraw intensive support from a client and how to prepare for and manage endings.
  • Explore the impact of working with people at risk of suicide.
  • Discuss and construct ways of increasing your resilience.


Two days


Online or in-person

Group size

8 to 20 learners

Ideal for

Staff in public facing and/or support services, including services helping people whose context might make them more vulnerable to suicide.

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Did you know 1 in 5 people will have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives?

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